Dallas Car Transmission Repairs

If you go to a dealership to seek help with Dallas car transmission repairs, you may be a little depressed at the cost of getting back on the road. After all, dealership prices can be overwhelming.

What if there was an alternative — a shop that offered the same high-quality repairs as a dealership, all at a fraction of the price? When you choose M2 Auto Repair & Sales for your Dallas transmission replacement services, you are investing in just such a business. We offer the latest and greatest in repair technology, all while preventing you from breaking the bank over repairs.

Our repair technicians are proud of their more than 50 years of collective experience, and our shop has been providing high-quality services, with the same owners, for more than 16 years. Let us deliver the exceptional car transmission repairs in Dallas TX you have been missing with the other guys.

Your answer to Dallas car transmission repairs

How do you know that your vehicle may require attention for its transmission system? Many of our clients do not come to our shop until they need full Dallas transmission replacement services. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is time to check with an M2 Auto Repair & Sales professional right away:

  • Transmission slipping, or changing into another gear for no apparent reason

  • Rough shifting into another gear, during which you may hear a clunking or thumping noise

  • Difficulty getting up to speed

  • Delay between shifting the car into “drive” and actually being able to move forward

  • Transmission warning light

Your transmission system is one of the most critical for your vehicle, and it can be one of the most expensive to repair if you go to a dealership. With the help of M2’s transmission replacement services in Dallas TX, you can save time, money and energy, and you can be back on the road faster than if you had used a dealership shop.

Contact our Dallas car transmission repairs staff today to start your diagnostic evaluation!