Air Filter & Fuel Filter Services

Your vehicle has many systems that must work together in harmony to keep your car or truck running safely. Maintenance of those systems ensures a long and affordable lifespan for your vehicle. Keep your vehicle in great condition by making regular service appointments with Marlow Automotive for air and fuel filter changes.

Why Does My Car Need a Fuel Filter Change?

Filters get dirty because they trap contaminants before they can enter a place where dirt and debris can do harm. As a result, they are important for a variety of machines in and outside of your vehicle, such as air conditioners in the home and the fuel system in your car. It’s important to replace or clean these filters regularly to ensure those machines are working as efficiently as possible.

If you don’t get the air filter and fuel filter replaced in your vehicle, two things will happen. The first is that your car or truck will need to work harder to do its job. Choking your vehicle with a dirty air filter means you’re wearing out those parts more quickly. Failure to get an air filter car replacement means debris gets into your car’s vital systems and causes unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Making an appointment for truck or car air filter replacement is an important part of your preventative maintenance schedule.

Don’t Neglect This Simple Maintenance

Air and fuel filter cost are low compared to the potential damage that old filters can cause on your vehicle. In addition to engine air filter replacement, it’s important to keep up with the air filter that prevents contaminants from entering your car’s cooling system. Modern cooling systems are versatile and effective in cooling your car, but an old air filter car can cause your vehicle to wear out faster. A filter check can help you avoid unnecessary maintenance. Make an appointment with Marlow Automotive, and we’ll check your filters and other systems to see if any replacements are necessary. Your car needs to breathe and use clean fuel to run efficiently. Let us make sure your filters are doing what they need to do to keep your car working well.

High Mileage Auto Maintenance

One of the essential responsibilities of car ownership is regular auto maintenance. A schedule replaces various parts at standard intervals and keeps the car or truck working efficiently. Marlow Automotive offers comprehensive high mileage auto maintenance as directed by your vehicle’s manufacturer, as well as the expected maintenance dates for regular auto maintenance like tire rotations, oil changes, and fluid replacement and flushes.

Different Levels of Auto Maintenance Visits

As you drive your car or truck, you’ll reach certain mileage thresholds. It will indicate it’s time for certain maintenance checks and equipment replacement. Your mileage maintenance schedule will list inspections such as brake lines, hoses, engine oil, and boots and seals of the drive shaft. Additionally, regular inspections may include a look at the parking brake, oil filter, the suspension, and the wheels & tires. Virtually everything on a vehicle outside of the frame will reach a point where replacement or maintenance is necessary. It’s helpful to know your car maintenance by mileage so that you can make appointments at the right intervals.

High Mileage Maintenance Schedule

Adherence to your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will help your vehicle last as long as possible and will also limit the amount of unexpected trips to the mechanic. Some of the features of a high-mileage visit may include replacement of the air filter, changing the automatic transmission fluid, and a brake inspection. Other features of high mileage car care may include an inspection and replacement of the timing belt, as well as an inspection of the accessory drive belts. The front end should also be inspected, and the alignment checked. Depending on the amount of time you spend on the road each year, your Marlow Automotive technician may recommend other maintenance checks like coolant flushes, fuel filter replacement, and an inspection for leaks around the engine and transmission.

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There’s no doubt that there are a lot of things that can go wrong on your car, but you can minimize the money you spend on repairs and replacement by adhering to your vehicle manufacturer’s mileage maintenance schedule. Don’t assume maintenance is a waste of time because your car drives without any noticeable problems. Let the professionals at Marlow Automotive perform mileage maintenance on your car or truck.

Check Engine Light Service

Having your check engine light turn on could mean a number of things. Many people assume there is something significantly wrong when the check engine light comes on. That isn’t necessarily true. There are less series issues such as, your gas cap isn’t screwed on properly, and that can trigger the light as well.

The light is your car’s method of informing you that something is wrong in the tuning of the engine. Diagnosis still requires you to get your car hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool. It is important that you get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible when your Malfunction indicator light is illuminated. This could help you save money on expensive repairs and keep the problem from becoming a larger one.

If your check engine light is flashing or blinking it means there is a severe problem in the engine and it should be looked at immediately. We suggest you do not drive the vehicle if the light is flashing. The experts at Marlow Automotive nearby Plano, TX can help you diagnose your trouble codes and get you back on the road quickly. We have all the latest tools, hardware and diagnostic equipment available to pinpoint the problem and fix it. Let us take a look under the hood and help you get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Call 214.350.5984 or schedule your appointment online today.

Most Common Trouble Codes

The most common trouble codes associated with the check engine light are your oxygen sensor, gas cap, catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs or wiring. Diagnosing these trouble codes is where the professionals come in. Getting a trouble code is just half of the process involved with diagnosing your vehicles problems. You then need to examine the problem further and find out exactly what isn’t working properly. Trouble codes can be less than exact which is why we recommend you bring your car to an experienced auto repair shop. Our ASE Certified Technicians will diagnose and pin point the problem and explain in detail prior to making any repairs. Our goal is to help you get safely back on the road as soon as possible.

We are here to help!

Don’t wait to get your check engine light diagnosed. M2 auto is here to help you get your car safely back on the road. Our ASE certified techs are ready to handle any and all problems that may occur with your vehicle. With over 58 years of combined knowledge, we will fix your car right the first time you bring it in. We also offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile written warranty on all repair services.