North Dallas Car Engine Repairs

When your car or truck engine “dies,” you do not have to empty your savings to purchase a new vehicle — instead, consider the competent North Dallas car engine repairs from M2 Auto Repair & Sales.

We know that drivers become concerned when they see:

  • Smoke emitting from their tailpipe

  • Excessive oil consumption

  • Low oil pressure

  • High temperatures

  • And, misfiring engines

Your car does not have to be shipped off to the graveyard quite yet, though. Instead, consider the economic benefits of North Dallas engine replacement services, which can keep you in your car, often at a lower cost when compared to purchasing another vehicle.

M2 Auto Repair & Sales can help you find the right remanufactured or rebuilt engine for your vehicle, saving you time and money in car engine repairs in North Dallas TX. Let us show you how a trustworthy shop can get you back on the road faster than you might imagine.


When you should consider remanufactured North Dallas car engine repairs

Would you believe that rebuilt engines are often more reliable than the engines initially installed in a brand-new vehicle? These remanufactured products are considered to be reliable and robust, and they are often accompanied by great warranty options. Rebuilt engines installed by our experts in North Dallas engine replacement services tend to:

  • Get better gas mileage than an older, worn engine

  • Emit fewer pollutants

  • Use less energy in processing old car engines

  • And, conserve resources for manufacturing new engines

In other words, you are being environmentally conscious when you choose a remanufactured engine for your engine replacement services in North Dallas TX. For such a major overhaul on your vehicle, you want a shop that will deliver exceptional service, and even a guarantee. M2 Auto Repair & Sales is proud to offer an 18-month warranty on all labor performed at our shop, with extended options available.

Choose the shop that offers the same high quality as a dealership, all at a fraction of the cost. Contact M2 today to learn more North Dallas car engine repairs.